The House

The building was designed by Berlin builder Ernst Schrader as a baroque house in 1910.

Das Haus

Trends in Berlin are definitely moving towards the western part of the city, which enjoyed an enormously positive development in the last few years. There is a renaissance of the old tradition of redeveloping and conserving existing residential quarters going on.

The borough of Charlottenburg in West Berlin with its excellent transport connections is home to Schlüterstraße, merely a few minutes walking distance to Kurfürstendamm. Brimming with properties dating back to Germany's booming Gründerzeit with their splendid balustrades, sprawling balconies and historic light posts, the quarter emits the feeling of its royal past. Exclusive little stores and delicatessen shops stand next to each other like pearls on a string in the stucco-ornamented Gründerzeit buildings.

The stately building from the Gründerzeit was designed and erected by Berlin builder Ernst Schrader as a baroque house in 1910.
The Schlüter Palais in the immediate vicinity of Kurfürstendamm offers prestigious opportunities for living and working with its 17 housing units. Three business units with large exclusive shop windows and diverse options for utilisation complete the picture.

Building contractor and architect are planning a symbiosis of ancient traditional and new elements. Accomplished with the idea to preserve as well as to connect with modern life, the existing rooftop will be demolished entirely and rebuilt with its historically developed cubature in carpenter technique. Three luxurious housing units with balconies and rooftop terrace offering breathtaking views over Berlin are in the making.

The lavish and stately housing units, each featuring at least one balcony and up to 7 rooms, characterise the building. Magnificent stuccoed ceilings, parquet and plank flooring as well as frame and panel doors signify a sense of space alive with history.

One of the project's essential ideas is the implementation of individual customer wishes for planning and realisation.

The reworking of historical details and a gentle redevelopment will be performed according to the buyers' respective requests and wishes.

Housing Units in Schlüterstraße 12

WohnungenFrom Garden Suites to Grand View you have the choice of 17 housing units featuring clever layouts, which can be customised to fit your individual desires.

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